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25 de novembre 2012

A river in a bottle

Avui, 25N, he rebut aquest correu des de Portland (OR):

We have been thinking & thinking about you and all of Catalonia. I used as an excuse not to write, that I wanted time to write you in more detail. Now, you are about to awake to a very historical day. It's hard to believe. It's almost like the wall of Berlin - the change has come so quickly and with such an enormous wave of solidarity. People are saying that it is the economic crisis, but as outsiders looking in, it seems to us that the economic pressures have just been a tool to unravel what's in the heart, what's been in the heart for years. We will tell you sadly, that it's been very hard to get accurate news here - there is almost nothing in the main stream media. We'll see what they report tomorrow. But we've been very glad for the video link you sent us & have forwarded it to people you knew here. To be honest, our first reaction was shame - why didn't we think of doing something like that! We haven't done much publicly for the cause of Catalan... on the other hand...we wouldn't have been nearly as effective as this gentleman. His last video, "Two Americans" was especially compelling.

Of course you are probably just at the start of what may be a much longer process. But what a beginning! We hope that Madrid will at least be enlightened enough to realize it can not put a river in a bottle & perhaps will come up with a compromise position that will be a bridge for you until a more permanent agreement is reached.

So know that we are thinking of you, of Catalonia & of the important issues of the heart that brought you all to this place. We hope to talk to you soon & get a first hand report of this historical moment...

In Solidarity!
Michael & Lynn